New Poll: Most Minnesota Voters Do Not Support Creating The State Public Option

ST. PAUL, Minn. – A new poll finds that a majority of Minnesota likely voters do not support creating a new state government-designed public option health insurance system. The poll of 800 likely voters statewide, which was conducted by LSG on behalf of Minnesota’s Health Care Future, finds that most Minnesota voters would prefer to improve upon the state’s current health insurance system over creating a state public option.

The poll’s key findings include:

  • A majority of likely voters (66%) are satisfied with Minnesota’s health insurance system overall, and an even greater majority (81%) are satisfied with their current coverage.
  • Most do not support creating a public option (44% support), and a majority (77%) prefer building on and improving Minnesota’s current health insurance system over creating a state public option.
  • Most (62%) support improving participation in existing programs over a state public option, and most (81%) would prefer to keep their current coverage than purchase state public option coverage.
  • Most would not be willing to pay any more in taxes (72%) or health care costs (76%) to fund the creation of a state public option – including a majority of Democratic voters, 57% of whom would not be willing to pay more in taxes and 65% of whom would not be willing to pay more in health care costs.
  • There is also a trust deficit between Minnesota likely voters and their state government. Only 41% trust the state government to design an effective health insurance plan that meets the needs of Minnesota residents.
  • A majority (56%) would be less likely to vote for a state legislator who voted to create a state public option, including 64% of swing voters.

“As likely voters consider and rank the issues most important for the state government to address, health care (38%) is not the most important issue as it is outpaced by inflation and rising cost of living (61%) and crime and public safety (52%),” LSG notes. “Consistent with concerns about inflation and the rising cost of living, the most important priority to improve Minnesota’s health care system is lowering health care costs (59%) – not increasing the government’s role in providing health insurance coverage (10%).”

Poll Methodology: On behalf of Minnesota’s Health Care Future, LSG conducted an online survey of 800 Minnesota likely voters statewide. This survey was conducted from March 14-24, 2024, balanced to state demographics on gender, age, race, income, and party identification, and has a margin of error of +/-3%. 

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